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katie williamson


Like all young adults, I spent my 20's chasing after what I thought would bring me lasting happiness - relationships, careers, exploring the world, helping others, achievements, accolades, degrees, certificates...only to find there was no magic pot of gold at the end of any rainbow. I hit my breaking point when I was exhausted from trying to measure up to this never-satisfied standard of what my life should look like in order to be successful, and I slowly began peeling back the layers to remember the big dreams of that little girl still inside of me who simply wanted to BE. The journey of discovery that followed was full of hard questions and difficult days, but it gave way to my most precious soul truth - even on the darkest days, our Light never truly goes away; the storms WILL pass and the clouds WILL break and the beauty and love that is on the other side is 100% worth it - I promise.

This is me. I love deeply and I fight for what I believe in. I work hard and I rest often. I know my values and I pursue my dreams because I trust that God didn't give me a stubborn heart and a strong mind for no reason. I am thankful for the people in my life who see me and love me and give me grace as I keep figuring life out. Every day I strive to become a little better version of myself, and when I fall short I remember a simple, but powerful lesson I've learned from Jiu Jitsu: no matter how difficult a round is, the timer always dings and I get to catch my breath and start again with a clean slate. Every time.

I believe nothing in my life has been wasted because every beautiful and painful moment gave me new perspectives, deeper levels of compassion, greater resolve, and a sweeter spirit for seeing and appreciating the mysteriousness and beauty of the God I serve. Now, my goal is to hold the space for others so that they too can embark on their own journey of remembering their soul truths - to come home to who you've always been so you can finally do what you were born to do from a place of freedom and passion.


How do I do that? I'm so glad you asked :D Click the button below to find out...


Professionally Trained Life Fulfillment Coach

In individual coaching, I work with people who want to make the most out of the life they've been given and make a lasting impact on the world. My approach focuses on a balance of "doing" and "being," meaning I help my clients discover who they are in order to experience alignment, balance, purpose, and spiritual connection across all areas of their life.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga goes so much deeper than simple stretching and sequences of poses on a mat - it brings emotional and spiritual alignment through the movement of the physical body. Through my own practice I have found physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through the postures and meditation, and my goal as a yoga instructor is to bring this same healing and oneness to others, specifically athletes, on a deeper level as they experience openness in their physical bodies that leads to energetic and emotional healing and alignment.


Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

After discovering your top 5 strengths, we will dive deeper into your results to understand your greatest motivators and how to accomplish any task from a place of ease and flow rather than discipline and frustration. I work with individuals and teams to effectively leverage their unique strengths in any situation, and learn to value and appreciate others' unique giftings as well. In addition, going through a Strengths Foundational Session with your team can help your entire group function more efficiently and cohesively as a unit, appreciating everyone's natural skillsets and how to best motivate and encourage the entire team. (Offered as both faith-based or general sessions).


Certified Real Colors Facilitator

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do people do the things they do?" Real Colors answers this question as it looks at human behavior in a new way. Through fun and interactive sessions, you will understand the various ways people process information, how to best communicate with different personality styles, and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of others. (Offered as both faith-based or general sessions).


Certified Prosci Change Management Facilitator

Change can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Learn how to effectively prepare yourself and your organization for change while focusing on who it will impact the most - your people.

Professional Writer

I wrote my first book at age 5 and haven't looked back! In high-school, I began editing papers, and in college I frequently helped friends and classmates outline their research papers and theses. I have experience writing and editing newsletters for non-profits (e.g., Hope Rises, Smittcamp Family Honors College, Evangelical Covenant Church of Kingsburg), freelance writing (Real Producers magazine in the Bay Area), blogging, editing, and ghost writing. I currently write for Girls In Gis (the largest female Jiu Jitsu organization), am published on, and am in the process of publishing my most recent book, I'm Here, God. Where Are You?


M.A. Kinesiology - Sport Psychology; B.A. Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis

Studying both Applied Behavior Analysis and Sport Psychology has provided me with a solid foundation for understanding the unique roles both the environment and the mind play on human behavior, behavior change, and motivation. Mastering your mind and overcoming your environment paves the way for lasting success, and both can be accomplished through mindful and dedicated action.

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