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Eat the foods you LOVE & get the results you WANT!

Holistic  Health  Coaching

Enjoy your food. Reclaim your health. Love your body.


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Visalia's Premiere Meal Prep Company



Holistic  Health  Coaching

  • Customized meal plans based on foods you LOVE

  • Online Coaching to gain clarity on your goals, paired with the accountability to make it happen

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions diving deeper into HOW to maximize your results


Discover the foods that HEAL your body from the inside out, and receive customized meal plans designed around the foods you LOVE.

Fresh Produce


Learn how to design a plan that works for YOU and YOUR BODY, and that you're excited about following!

Running Shoes


Receive the GUIDANCE and SUPPORT to stay on track and push through - even on the difficult days.



Katie Williamson began her fitness journey 6 years ago when she looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her. Suffering from chronic migraines, low energy, and hormone imbalances, Katie set out on a journey to heal herself with nutrition and movement based on her backgound in psychology, sport psychology, and wellness. She tried many diets and exercise programs before finally realizing it wasn’t just about decreasing the number on the scale, but fueling her body in the ways it needed and moving in the ways she actually loved. This instilled in Katie a passion to help others also discover how to love and appreciate their bodies for its incredible strength, heal their bodies from the inside out by understanding the connections between our emotional, physical, and spiritual health, and to stop starving their body's to death and feeling discouraged because nothing ever changes.


Katie earned her M.A. Kinesiology: Sport Psychology and B.A. Psychology from Fresno State where she studied obesity, holistic wellness, overcoming barriers to exercise, and building mental fortitude. She earned her coaching certification with Coach for Life ®.

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