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"To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation." -- The Alchemist


DREAM big. LIVE fulfilled. BE unstoppable.


Not knowing your life purpose is costing you meaning, fulfillment, and true happiness - as well as unnecessary stress in other areas of your life. Remove the stress of living someone else's dream and discover what YOU are made for.

Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all intertwined - which means healing one equals healing the others. It's time to stop compartmentalizing healing and focus on unearthing your soul truths so you can live from your heart.



When you know your life purpose and bring into balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, you will be amazed at the wellspring of energy and vitality that is magically infused into every area of your life. This is the life that awaits you!


  • Your very own Tree of Life - which serves as a personalized blueprint outlining your innate gifts and talents, your deepest core values, and your life purpose statement 

  • Online Coaching to support you in reaching your goals between sessions

  • 1:1 Coaching to dive into how to apply your Tree of Life and tap into the wellspring of boundless energy within your soul, empowering you to carry out your life purpose and live your soul's destiny.

david knight.jpg

David Knight,

Professional Hypnotist

After going through Katie's Discovering Your Purpose coaching, I can honestly say it's wonderful. I thought I had my purpose nailed but was wavering over a few words in my brand and mission. I can honestly say that Katie's course helped me massively. I feel so much more invincible. You can be really strong, but if you have a few little cracks you have a weak point that can bring you tumbling down. Katie's course has filled those cracks and really helped me understand more of who I am and gave more clarification in my direction. I cannot recommend this course highly enough! Katie, you're amazing, keep up the wonderful work you are doing. You're awesome!


Clare Langan,

Musician, Author, Artist

My productivity has already sky-rocketed and I know it is a result of the Discovering Your Purpose coaching I have done with Katie. I now have far greater clarity planning for my next quarter and beyond. I heartily recommend this precious gift to yourself and this heart-zone time with Katie. She is so intuitive, fun, kind, and caring. I love looking at the beautiful sheets I have from the session because they re-energize my spirit and make me ready to smash my new goals

mariah bennett.jpg

Mariah Bennett

Create Your Legendary Life Member

My whole life I always viewed my purpose as a box someone else said I had to fit in. I've spent the majority of my life feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, overtaken with perfectionism. After Katie's coaching on discovering my purpose, I am celebrating! Katie is so calm, gentle, and kind and is amazing at creating a judgment-free space in which I felt safe. Trusting the process does not come easily for me and at first I was hesitant and confused. Katie helped me take small steps, and when I couldn't distinguish one piece from another, Katie brought everything together to help me see my true purpose. Now I am consciously choosing to weave my purpose into everything moving forward, and I feel focused, free, hopeful, and excited about what's to come.


Your destiny awaits...



Katie has a passion for life and loves infusing any and every moment with laughter, fun, and adventure. From randomly dancing on the beach to sipping latte's with friends, Katie has discovered no matter what circumstances life throws at us, there is always something beautiful waiting for us on the other side. Katie brings this foundation into her coaching, helping her clients discover their own light within their soul - revealing the secret to a fulfilling life is simply letting your True Self shine.

Katie received her M.A. in Sport Psychology and B.A. in Psychology from Fresno State, and her coaching certification with Coach for Life (R) - one of the few coaching  programs that takes a holistic approach to strengthening the human spirit. Katie also shares her journey of overcoming anxiety and depression to discover her purpose and tap into her soul's highest calling in her latest book, I'm Here God. Where Are You? and life lessons on her podcast, Life Off the Mat.

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