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group trainings

Wouldn't it be great if your work group functioned smoothly and everyone got along? Are you ready to make working with others easy and fun again? I have been leading and facilitating workshops focused on helping individuals and teams discover their potential and effectively work together for the past 7 years. Using relatable stories, practical strategies, principles rooted in psychology and human behavior, and lots of fun, I help every participant uncover a greater understanding of their unique talents, strengths, values, motivators and communication styles, and how they can leverage each of these on their teams. In addition, I also work with managers and supervisors to structure teams in ways that empowers members to do what they do best and utilizes everyone's natural talents to become a much stronger unit.

Trainings can be tailored to your organization’s needs and be as short as 60 minute single-subject workshops, two hour foundation sessions, half or full day discovery sessions, or multiple day retreats covering a wide range of topics. My areas of expertise include:

  • Organizational and leadership strategies

  • Spirituality

  • Spirituality and leadership

  • Stress-management

  • Wellness

  • Work-life balance

  • Team building

  • Goal setting

  • Collaboration

  • Effective communication strategies

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Time-management

  • Customer service

  • Cultivating authenticity and emotional intelligence

  • Discovering your values

  • Lving a life of purpose. 


In addition, all of these training topics have the option of incorporating a faith-based perspective to support the teaching. If there is a specific topic not on the list, I am happy to work with you to understand your team’s learning objectives and create a custom training that meets your needs.

writing &

content editing

Do you have great ideas but struggle to communicate them in written form? Do you read your articles, blog posts, or book attempts and have a hard time following what you're actually trying to convey? Do you wish your story didn't feel so.....flat and boring?

You're in the right place! I have the innate ability to weave words together in a way that emotionally connects with the reader and upholds the original meaning of what is trying to be said in a cohesive way. From speaker bios to blog posts to newsletters to online articles to books to website content, I take what is in your head and put it on paper in a way that makes sense, engages the audience, and spreads your unique message - without the headache of trying to do it yourself. 

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