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Staying Sane When You Can't Train

To train or not to train….that seems to be the question these days.

Just when it seemed like things might be getting back to normal, another wave of COVID19 numbers spike – and while many of us may have differing views on whether to return to training or continue avoiding the gym, I think we can all agree we miss what used to be. 

Over these past few months, I’ve had times where I’ve chosen to stay home and times I’ve chosen to head to the gym and continue training. Regardless of choosing to train or not, one thing I’ve been reminded of is just how important it is to get back to the basics – both on and off the mats. If you’re struggling to stay sane, here are a few strategies to help you focus on taking care of your body, mind, and soul while you grapple with maintaining your sanity. [continue reading on Girls In Gis]

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