Bravely Choose Your Own Adventure

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as a kid? My friends loved them. They said you could read them over and over again and it was like multiple books in one.

I found them stressful.


Because what if I chose wrong?

I’m realizing how deep that fear has actually run through my life. Wanting to choose my own adventure…but fearing choosing the wrong path. What if I choose the wrong school? The wrong friends? The wrong relationship? The wrong career? The wrong house? The wrong gym? The wrong fill in the blank – because the possibilities are endless.

One of the lessons I’m learning is to truly believe there is good in every path. Let that sink in... There is good in every path.

Regardless of the path I take – of the adventure I choose – there will be times where I mess up, times where I do things wrong, times where I get hurt, times where I feel stuck, times where I want to give up, times that are hard, times where I am afraid…

And when that happens, I’ll be okay...