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Beyond the Bull Episode 3: Finding Your WHY... & Why It Matters

Do you have a deep, soul-resonating WHY for the things you do? What do you do when discipline alone just isn't enough to reach your goals and stay on track?

In this episdoe, hosts Katie Williamson, professional author, speaker, and Life Fulfillment Coach, and Lauren Evangelho, self-taught entrepreneur, nutritionist, and chef, discuss why knowing your deepest motivators is so important, how to uncover your soul's true purpose, and how your purpose is actually so much more than your career or any work you do. Join the conversation and learn how you can discover your WHY and incorporate who you ARE into everything you DO.

Beyond the Bull is about cutting through the bullshit in society and in our own heads in order to become the best versions of ourselves.

To connect with Katie and Lauren, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, or on their websites:

IG @katiewilliamsoncoaching


IG @loev_ly, @precisionprepvisalia


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